Fishing Opportunities Near McClellan, California

Attorney Joe Modlin practices law in the Sacramento suburb of Sacramento, California. He has more than 25 years’ experience protecting his clients’ rights and is especially proficient at elder law, helping clients to establish special needs trusts and plan for Medi-Cal. Outside the office, Joe Modlin enjoys spending time fishing the various waters in the area for a variety of fish.

The city of Sacramento sits at the confluence of the American and the Sacramento Rivers. The Sacramento River is one of northern California’s main rivers, stretching for more than 400 miles from its headwaters in the Klamath Mountains to its mouth in San Francisco Bay. It’s always open season for some species of fish in Sacramento, although a fishing license is required. The Sacramento and the American are home to steelhead, trout, sturgeon, striped bass, King salmon and American shad, as well as a range of other fish.

Sacramento’s Southside Park Pond is stocked with catfish in the spring, summer, and fall, and with trout in the winter. Further east along the American River is Folsom Lake, popular with both boaters and shore anglers. It is home to largemouth and smallmouth bass, Kokanee salmon, perch, sunfish, catfish and bullhead, as well as other panfish.

Further downriver from Sacramento is the delta formed by the confluence of the Sacramento flowing from the North and the San Joaquin flowing from the Southeast. Extremely popular with anglers, the delta is home to more than 20 different species of fish.